ABS to Class 45,000cbm LNG Carrier for Landmark Capital


ABSClass society ABS has been chosen to class a new design of medium-sized LNG carrier to be built in China for Landmark Capital.

The 45,000cbm vessel, featuring self-supporting IMO Type-A tanks mounted within an insulated hold space, will be built in China, with an option for another vessel.

Last year, ABS completed an Approval in Principle for the ‘LNT A-BOX’ gas containment system and will review the vessel design, survey the construction and class the ship for operation upon delivery, which is due in 2017.

“We are delighted to have been awarded the classification contract for this innovative LNG carrier, which draws on our 50 years of experience in gas handling and transportation,” said Vice President of Global Gas Solutions for ABS, Patrick Janssens.

“Landmark Capital recognised that in bringing to market a new containment concept and a new vessel design, that ABS was the natural choice for this exciting project.”

Landmark Capital affiliate LNG New Technologies (LNT), with operations in Norway and Singapore, has developed the LNT A-BOX system and is providing engineering services for the project. LNT intends to market the containment system to third party shipyards that are looking to enter the LNG market.

“From the beginning our aim was to develop a simple and cost effective LNG containment system that could enable new shipyards especially those in China to build mid-sized LNG carriers,” said Managing Director, LNT Kjetil Sjolie Strand.

“LNT A-BOX is designed to answer the need for a system that fills the gap between smaller ships with Type C tanks and those with larger membrane type containment systems.”

The LNT A-BOX is one of a handful of new LNG containment designs that has received design approval from ABS. LNT plans to offer the patented system under license to other shipyards once the initial contract is completed.

LNT undertook pre-design work for the vessel and Swedish naval architect FKAB has been engaged to produce the basic design drawings.

“This is a project that fully leverages ABS expertise in gas containment systems and LNG carrier classification and one that draws on both our local knowledge and global network,” said Country Manager, ABS Norway, Egil Legland.

“ABS classed the first large LNG carriers ever built in China and we continue to support innovation as the industry addresses the evolving needs in LNG shipping.”