ABS launches ‘Requirements for Onboard Carbon Capture’


Working with shipyards, ship owners and operators, ABS has developed what it calls an industry-leading set of requirements on the application of carbon capture technology at sea.

ABS says experience and insight derived from pioneering carbon capture projects with stakeholders such as shipyards, ship owners and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have informed development of its ‘Requirements for Onboard Carbon Capture’.

“Carbon capture could be a key transformational technology for shipping to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050,” said Georgios Plevrakis, ABS Vice President, Global Sustainability. “ABS is working with leading organizations to support safe development of the technology, which is still maturing but shows genuine promise.

“The requirements we have developed are a key step toward harnessing the potential of carbon capture to tackle the challenge of the energy transition for our industry.”

The requirements, which are downloadable from the ABS website, also include an optional Ready notation for vessels based on their level of preparation, or readiness, for future OCCS (Onboard Carbon Capture and Storage) installations.