ABB services over 300 turbochargers for China Shipping Container Lines


ABBABB Turbocharging, part of the leading power and automation technology group, has signed its third and largest Operation Performance Package service agreement with China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL), the logistics and containerized transportation company based in Shanghai, China.
The contract covers the service and provision of spare parts for 113 turbochargers on 23 vessels, including 51 TPL type and 62 VTR type turbochargers. Added to existing service agreements, ABB now services over 300 turbochargers for CSCL, the largest number covered under contract with any customer.
The Operation Performance Package (OPAC) provides customers with a more flexible and cost-effective approach to service, based around turbocharger running hours.  It includes proactive service to identify potential future issues, thereby delivering associated cost savings.  Service is fully delegated to ABB, enabling customers to be more focused on their overall operations with the benefit of OEM service knowledge.  This is gained through ABB’s centralized database detailing exact specifications, and the complete service history of customers’ turbochargers.  The service agreement comes with the guarantee that only ABB parts customized to each specific turbocharger will be fitted, increasing reliability and safety of turbocharging operations.
CSCL has previously signed two OPAC service agreements with ABB Turbocharging, firstly for 60 turbochargers in 2012, and two years later a second contract was concluded covering the service of 56 turbochargers.  This is a continuation of ABB’s strong relationship with CSCL which has signed a further Maintenance Management Agreements (MMA) in addition to the three OPAC contracts, to meet the differing needs of its turbocharger service operations.  The MMA includes service of the turbochargers on board container ship, The Globe.
At the time of launch in early 2015 at 19,100 TEU The Globe was the largest container ship in the world, and still remains the longest container vessel in operation.   “We own a fleet of 74 vessels managed by ourselves, therefore ensuring they are operating at optimum performance is crucial to our business.  We rely on ABB to ensure that any potential turbocharger problems are not allowed to mature and to help us minimize overall vessel downtime.  An OEM service agreement gives us reassurance from their knowledge of our turbocharger products, and enables us to improve planning and management of our service requirements,” said a representative from the Technology and Maintenance Division, China Shipping Container Lines.
Allan Wang, Hub Business Unit Manager, ABB Turbocharging, China said, “Understanding our customers’ specific service needs is essential, as one contract solution may not fit the requirements of all turbocharging applications.  This is demonstrated by CSCL selecting both our OPAC and MMA agreements to cover more than 300 turbochargers.  It clearly indicates that long term care is a priority for ship operators, underlined by the 22% year-on-year growth we have seen in signed service contracts.”