A Seaside Rendezvous

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Cannes is almost exclusively known to the world for its film festival and idyllic setting, but on May 4 and 5, nearly 400 delegates will descend on the French Riviera to attend the second Rendez-vous de Cannes, an event organised by French maritime and transport insurers.

Patrice Gilbert, chief executive of CESAM, the insurance services organisation, says that the aim of this year’s conference will be to establish and identify what conditions and problems lie ahead in the market – hence the themed title of ‘Rough Sales Ahead?’

One of the main events will be the unveiling of a new French hull policy, which comes into effect on July 1st 2010, which breaks new ground by covering all perceived risks to the hull and machinery, piracy, terrorism, loss of income and any additional clauses that can be agreed between the insurer and assured.

Other topics under discussion will include the current state of world trade, with particular attention to the petroleum markets and challenges faced by the maritime industry in this century.