Steamship Mutual appoints new Head of Underwriting


Leading P&I Club Steamship Mutual has appointed Stephen Quartermaine as Head of Underwriting. Taking over from Chief Operating Officer Gary Rynsard, Mr Quartermaine will oversee and coordinate Steamship Mutual’s global underwriting strategy.

James Stockdale, CEO, said: “Stephen’s appointment is integral to the Club’s future financial success. The P&I market continues to experience record levels of large claims and in such a challenging environment, we must pursue a strong policy of prudent risk and financial management combined with sound underwriting, if Steamship Mutual is to flourish as a top tier Club.”

Record results earlier this year including 9% growth and a 17.5% increase in free reserves, anticipate sustained financial strength for Steamship Mutual. The appointment of Mr Quartermaine hopes to ensure a continued and robust strategy of underwriting and potential future growth for the Club.