Death in confined spaces – a hidden danger: TT Club

International freight transport insurer TT Club is seeking to draw attention to the life-threatening hazards caused by enclosed and confined spaces prevalent throughout the global supply chain. Toxic gases produced by some cargoes as well as leakages, residual fumigants and other causes of a reduced oxygen environment are the chief problems, with 60% of fatalities […]

Long-term container freight rates hit two-year low as overcapacity looms

Global long-term shipping rates sank to a two-year low in July, with the latest data from Xeneta’s Shipping Index (XSI) showing a fall of 9.5% since June, adding to a deep collapse that started last year. Long-term valid contract rates have now lost 57.8% of their value since the same period in 2022. Xeneta’s real-time […]

First shore-based power for container ship at RST

Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals (RST) and shipping company Samskip, in partnership with the Port of Rotterdam Authority, have put into service a shore-based power installation, as yet in a trial phase. Starting from 2030, European regulations will mandate container ships larger than 5000GT to utilise shore-based power. Currently, there is no established standard for receiving shore-based […]