Capt Subramaniam put the Indian seafarer on the world map

Captain Harry Subramaniam was personally responsible for putting the Indian seafarer on the world map and made Indian seafarers what they are today, according to his son. Speaking exclusively to Ship Management International from Mumbai, Harihar Subramaniam said he was still coping with the ‘overwhelming messages of respect’ he has received from the industry praising […]

North completes integration of Sunderland Marine

North P&I Club completes integration of the Sunderland Marine Insurance Company Limited business into parent company The North of England Protecting and Indemnity Association Limited. The formal transfer of business, which takes effect today (30 June 2020) at 00:00, comes six years after the merger of interests between North and Sunderland Marine in 2014. North […]

The China Navigation Company chooses Dualog Drive to streamline ship to shore digital systems

Tromsø-based maritime digital platform provider, Dualog, is delighted to announce that The China Navigation Company (CNCo) has partnered with Dualog in the testing phase of the Dualog Drive application. With the completion of this testing, The China Navigation Co. has implemented Dualog® Drive, a maritime-optimised file and folder replication service, designed to simplify the collection […]

Liberia makes key updates to its Associations Law

The Republic of Liberia has revised its Business Corporation Act (the BCA) and its Limited Liability Company Act (the LLC Act) as part of their ongoing effort to continuously make these laws more customer-friendly, as up-to-date as possible. With these recent revisions, Liberian Associations law is more reflective of the corporate laws and standards of […]