Pandemic masks true picture of sulphur 2020 compliance

It will be difficult to ascertain a full picture of how well the international shipping industry is complying  with the new sulphur 2020 environmental legislation and judge the effectiveness of enforcement measures until sometime after the Covid-19 pandemic has receded, says maritime law specialist Hill Dickinson. Introduced on 1st January this year, the implementation of […]

Brokers should consider ship valuation wordings due to coronavirus, says ITIC

During these unprecedented times, the International Transport Intermediaries Club (ITIC) recommends that brokers should consider stressing the current unusual market conditions in their ship valuation certificates. Following the financial crisis of 2008, brokers providing valuations included additional wording in their certificates to reflect and take into account the state of the market at the time. […]

Shipping alliance’s collective crew change plan needs government action

An alliance of leading maritime companies desperately concerned about seafarer welfare and the viability of ocean supply chains in the midst of coronavirus restrictions has developed detailed crew changeover risk assessment plans. However, it needs urgent political and regulatory support to enact them. Representing more than 1,500 vessels and over 70,000 seafarers, the alliance includes […]

Liberian Registry launches first-ever dynamic detention prevention programme

The Liberian Registry has developed and released a dynamic Detention Prevention Programme (DPP), which is an automated Port State Control (PSC) risk assessment system that focuses on preparedness before Liberian vessels enter into port.  This valuable tool and platform is offered to Liberian-flagged ships free of charge. Liberia’s unique system is said to be  the […]