The Swedish Club starts a Loss Prevention revolution

The next generation of Loss Prevention has arrived. A pilot project from The Swedish Club means that ship owners can now be offered real time personalised loss prevention, tailored to their location, and voyage profile. Trade Enabling Loss Prevention (TELP) allows The Swedish Club to use a combination of the latest automatic identification system (AIS) […]

ExxonMobil introduces its 0.50% sulphur marine fuels range – EMF.5

ExxonMobil has introduced EMF.5, its range of Engineered Marine Fuels developed ahead of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) global 0.50% sulphur cap. All the fuels in the range are specifically engineered to help vessel operators comply with the 2020 regulations without compromising on quality. All EMF.5 fuels announced to date are compatible with each other, […]

Optimarin sees revenues double in first six months of 2019 as markets, segments and after sales accelerate

Ballast water treatment (BWT) specialist Optimarin reports positive developments in the market today, with the first six months of 2019 showing a year-on-year doubling of revenues, orders and a substantial increase in EBITDA. In addition, the Norwegian-headquartered globally leading company, has recorded increased business activity in key shipping areas such as North West Europe, South […]

Eleven drowning deaths hit home the importance of lifejacket wear

Eleven people, who drowned in 2018, might be alive today had they been wearing a lifejacket or buoyancy aid. This is one of the main findings of this year’s Casualty Review Panel who met earlier this year to discuss last year’s maritime fatalities. The Panel reviewed 22 fatalities from 2018 and agreed that 11 lives […]