KVH and Ocean Exploration Trust announce partnership enabling Nautilus research crew to have Internet and daily news content while at sea

KVH Industries today (Wednesday) announced a partnership with Ocean Exploration Trust (OET), the international scientific research organisation founded by RMS Titanic discoverer and renowned oceanographer Dr Bob Ballard, to provide services and products to enhance the onboard experience for OET’s research team. In exchange, the team will provide first-hand feedback on various products that KVH […]

Rolls-Royce joins forces with Google Cloud to help make autonomous ships a reality

Rolls-Royce has signed a deal with Google to develop further its intelligent awareness systems which are making existing vessels safer and are essential to making autonomous ships a reality. The agreement, believed to be the first in the marine sector, was signed yesterday (Tuesday) at the Google Cloud Summit in Sweden. It allows Rolls-Royce to […]

MCTC unveils relaunched website

Catering training provider Marine Catering Training Consultancy (MCTC) has now gone live with its new relaunched website. Over the last few years MCTC, which offers a variety of training programmes to both new and experienced catering crew members globally, has been growing steadily. It now has more courses on offer, a growing client base and […]

Maritime Cook Islands Celebrates World Maritime Day 2017

The Cook Islands celebrated World Maritime Day on Friday at Avatiu Harbour and the IMO theme for this year was ‘Connecting Ships, Ports and People’. The theme highlights the vital inter-connectivity between the three principal components – ships, ports and people – in contributing to the maritime economy. The Cook Islands World Maritime Day kicked […]

Downing Street petition to free Chennai Six

Relatives of the British war heroes wrongly imprisoned in India are marking the fourth anniversary of their arrest by stepping up the campaign to free them. The families will be lobbying MPs on Thursday, 12th October, and will also hand in a petition to 10 Downing Street demanding the Government do more to secure their […]