NATO flagship evacuates casualty from merchant ship in pirate waters

On 31 October, the NATO Flagship in the Gulf of Aden, HMS Cornwall, received an emergency call over the radio from MV APL Hamburg and as she was only some 40 nm away, sprang to her aid. A crew member was critically ill and needed medical assistance. The Royal Navy frigate is currently part of […]

LR cleared to issue anti-pollution certificates to US flag vessels

The US Coast Guard has delegated authority to Lloyd’s Register to issue MARPOL Annex VI International Air Pollution Prevention Certificates (IAPP) on their behalf to US flag vessels. The IAPP delegation completes the full suite of delegated authorities available to Lloyd’s Register for marine vessels as a recognised organisation with the US flag administration. To […]

Increased VAT liability warning for European shipping companies

International accountant and shipping consultant Moore Stephens has warned that, under changes to the VAT international services rules which take effect on 1 January 2010, shipping companies in Europe could incur increased VAT liabilities and costs on certain services bought in from other countries. Gwen Ryder, Head of VAT at Moore Stephens, said: “The changes […]