Conditions will go from bad to worse, but rebound is imminent

Market conditions could get even worse for ship owners, with survival rates dependant on company strength and capital, according to Guy Morel, General Secretary of InterManager. Addressing delegates at the 4th International Ship Management Summit in Oslo, he said: “Owners are only at the beginning of a long down period, and it will go from […]

Online library for hazardous materials in line with new IMO requirements

An online library of material declarations has been established by DNV in early response to the future requirement for ships to possess an Inventory of Hazardous Materials onboard, as part of the IMO’s new Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Reycling of Ships.  As material declarations for ship’s structures and equipment will need to be compiled […]

Global crew shortage still a major problem and needs addressing now

In spite of the perceived alleviation of pressure on crew numbers, the industry’s major shipmanagement companies have claimed that the world is still suffering from a critical shortage and that action needs to be taken now to secure shipping’s future.  Roberto Giorgi, President of V.Ships and President of InterManager, emphasised how “cutting corners is not an […]

Shipmanagement will be dominated by a handful of players

A handful of larger players will dominate the shipmanagement market but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for the boutique managers, according to Annette Malm Justad, CEO of Eitzen Maritime Services (EMS). Addressing delegates attending the 4th International Ship Management summit in Oslo, Ms Malm Justad said boutique managers would still have a role […]

Light at the end of the tunnel

Where there is hope there are brokers, and despite the ambiguous market situation as shipping still sees itself stuck fast in one of the world’s worst economic crises in living memory, the charter market is still on the move, writes Amy Kilpin from Oslo. According to Denis Petropoulos, Joint Managing Director of top London broker […]

Hebei Spirit officers are free

EXCLUSIVE InterManager President Roberto Giorgi has welcomed the release of the two officers from the Hebei Spirit from South Korean detention and has pledged to embrace the 2006 Maritime Labour Convention to tackle the issue of criminalisation, writes Sean Moloney from Olso.  The two officers will be flying home of Saturday after 551 days in […]