GAC paints a cultural future

Leading agency and logistics group GAC has adopted a unique cross-cultural networking system to bridge the gap between the West and the Middle East. Children from Sweden and Saudi Arabia are being brought together in a creative art project, initiated by non-profit organisation Spiritus Mundi in combination with the Saudi Ministry of Education and the […]

US Ports Endorse New Environmental Legislations

The American Association of Port Authorities has welcomed the US’ adoption of Annex VI of Marpol after the Congress approved the H.R. 802, Maritime Pollution Prevention Act. The AAPA has appealed avidly for the global treaty to limit pollutants including oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and oxides of sulphur (SOx), which now awaits final signatory authorisation […]

Thirsty Cyprus left three metres short of water supplies

A 3.5 metre miscalculation with the final section of an undersea pipeline is depriving Cyprus of badly-needed water supplies shipped over from Greece. Greek Cypriots on Monday were still awaiting the precious cargo to reach shore, a week after it arrived off Cyprus. The specially-built 1,320 m undersea pipeline falls 3.5 m of a land pipe […]