1K and counting – Sailors’ Society MyWellness app is a real hit with seafarers


More than one thousand seafarers are now on the way to living their best life at sea, thanks to Sailors’ Society’s MyWellness app – and they are strongly recommending the platform to fellow crew.

By clicking on mywellnessatsea.org and signing up to the platform, these seafarers have opened up a world of animations, podcasts and quizzes, all of which help to put their future wellbeing at sea firmly into their own hands.

The ground-breaking Sailors’ Society MyWellness platform, with funding from Chellship and the Chellaram Foundation, is an interactive e-learning programme designed exclusively for seafarers.

It builds on the 10 years of experience and material that make up the charity’s Wellness at Sea range of services and training, with its industry-leading work on mental health at sea and seafarer welfare.

Available on a phone, tablet or laptop, it’s free of charge and packed with information on a wide range of topics to help seafarers manage mental and emotional strain, improve personal and professional relationships and look after their finances and physical and mental fitness.

The app is already proving a firm success with seafarers with an overwhelming 91 per cent of the app’s users saying they can apply what they have learned to their everyday work and life and that the content is clear and easy to understand, engaging and interactive.

The same percentage said they had a far better understanding of wellbeing and mental health after completing the modules and more than two-thirds of users said all seafarers should sign up for the app.

Sailors’ Society CEO, Sara Baade, said: “We are delighted that more than a thousand seafarers are now able to take their mental and physical health firmly into their own hands – and that they are recommending MyWellness to fellow crew.

“This app has been designed to empower seafarers to make the very real changes that will have a positive impact on their health and wellbeing. It will allow them to live a happy, healthier and more fulfilling life at sea.

“This isn’t just important for them, it’s valuable for the industry too. Ten thousand seafarers leave the industry every year through preventable ill health. The MyWellness app can help combat this.”

The app is available on and offline, giving the flexibility to seafarers to learn even when the Wi-Fi connection is poor. And everyone who completes the modules is awarded a certificate that they can show to future employers.

To find out more and sign up go to: sailors-society.org/mywellness