Thome Group links with Doehle Danautic to strengthen its Indian foothold

Carsten Ostenfeldt, Chief Executive Officer of Thome Ship Management

Thome Ship Management of Singapore has signed a joint venture partnership deal with Doehle Danautic, a shipping service provider in India, to expand the pool of Indian officers for its tanker, drybulk and offshore fleets.

The move has been described by Thome as reaffirming its long-term commitment to India as a future maritime sourcing hub for qualified Indian officers for worldwide trading. The Thome Group of Companies already has a long track record of successfully deploying Indian officers for its fleet via two main Indian manning companies.

Existing manning companies’ relations will continue and be further strengthened in parallel to the new joint venture.

Currently around 10% of Thome Group’s total officer complements deployed on its 300 plus managed vessels are from India and Sri Lanka. As the Thome managed fleet continues to grow the intention is to maintain the 10% officer supply ratio as a reoccurring strategic objective.

Carsten Ostenfeldt, Chief Executive Officer of Thome Ship Management, said: “We are indeed very pleased to announce this strategic joint venture with Doehle Danautic which is one of India’s premier growing Shipping Companies. We complement each other well.

“It means that Thome will now enjoy a much stronger platform to expand our global services as complement our existing network of Thome offices around the world.  I strongly believe this demonstrates the group’s commitment to further strengthen our links with India, a country with a great maritime tradition and one that consistently produces some of the world’s best officers.”

The main driver is to build up the partnership with Doehle Danautic to provide well-trained, professional officers for Thome’s tanker and drybulk fleets in parallel to its officers provided by existing manning agency relations in India and Sri Lanka.

The plan is also to use the joint venture setup as a vehicle to target Indian offshore officers for the Thome Offshore managed fleet and by doing so enhance career opportunities for more Indian officers in this segment.

Olav Eek Thorstensen, Group Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Thome, said: “I am delighted to be linking with Daniel Chopra and Doehle Danautic, one of the great dynamic and successful names in Indian shipping today.

“Under Daniel Chopra’s dynamic leadership, Doehle Danautic has gained an excellent reputation and results and I believe Thome can both contribute to and benefit from that.”

Doehle Danautic currently has offices across India including Mumbai, New Delhi, Goa, Chennai, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Mundra and Bhavnagar.

Daniel Chopra, Managing Director, Doehle Danautic India, added: “We are humbled that our relationship with Thome has got further cemented with this joint venture.

“Thome Ship Management is one of few companies having people from diversified nationalities at various leadership positions. This cultures stems from simple principle “Distinguish people by merit and competence”. He further added that Thome and Doehle Danautic complement each other due to similar philosophy of being exceptional and innovative.

“I am sure this relationship will witness lot of opportunities in future together in addition to crewing.”

Giving his take on Indian seafarers he said: “Indian seafarers are renowned globally for their command over English, knowledge, aptitude and professionalism. Owners prefer Indian crew due to their analytical, expressive and innovative skills. However, in recent years, there has been a shift in preference. With this joint venture, we will be able to reverse the table and increase the demand of Indian crew in global markets.”