SIRC professor celebrates ‘Best Ethnography’ award with BBC appearance


International seafarersInternational Seafarers and Transnationalism in the Twenty-First Century – a book by Professor Helen Sampson, Director of the Seafarers International Research Centre (SIRC) and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation research unit – has won the award for ‘best ethnography’ at the British Sociological Association conference.

The field for the award was strong and an initial short list of six works was drawn up by the five senior judges. The judges will give the reasons for their final selection at a special programme of Thinking Allowed which is to be broadcast on BBC radio four, tomorrow (April 30th), at 4pm.

The programme will also include an interview with Helen Sampson and to continue with the maritime theme, it is expected that Michael Bloor (formerly of SIRC) will also be interviewed from the BBC’s Glasgow studio.

The programme is available now online and can be listened to using the following link (discussion of Prof. Sampson’s book occurs at approx 18 minutes into the programme):