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Training & E-Learning: The real way to engage

In today’s maritime world of constantly changing regulation and legislation, the need for training to be engaging and relative has never been more crucial.

It is widely acknowledged that people learn best by doing and, says Raal Harris, Managing Director at maritime training provider KVH Videotel, “the more experiential the learning is, the better on so many levels”.

Which is why the maritime industry is now Read More…

Crew Welfare: Connectivity Impact on Crew Behaviour

The impacts of onboard connectivity on the ebbs and flows of life at sea are not as straightforward as they might first appear, according to a qualitative study initiated jointly by the Sailors’ Society and Inmarsat.

Numerous surveys have attempted to measure the uptake of connectivity in the commercial shipping fleet. These statistical analyses paint a broad brush picture illustrating the increasing prevalence of broadband at sea. Read More…

How I Work: Paul Jennings

When Paul Jennings arrived in Newcastle from Suffolk as an eager law student 37 years ago, he didn’t realise the grip the city, and its maritime heritage, would have on him.

For while he decided not to embark on a career as a solicitor or barrister, he wanted to use law in some way and had the opportunity when he graduated to join a P&I Club – Read More…

Cover Story: Cyber Security Round Table Debate

In the latest in our series of round table debates, SMI drew together key figures in the maritime security sector to debate business interruption triggered by cyber-attacks and the risk of not investing. Kindly hosted at the offices of Thomas Miller and chaired by SMI Editor Samantha Giltrow, the panellists were: Michael Hawthorne, CEO, CobWeb Cyber; Sharif Gardner, Training Manager – Cyber, Axis Capital; Mark Sutcliffe, Director, CSO Read More…

Regional Focus-Denmark

This year (2018) opened with the launch of the Danish government’s Maritime Denmark report – a forceful and ambitious document which lays out a strategy for the future development and growth of ‘Blue Denmark’.

“Maritime Denmark is one of Denmark’s largest export industries,” declares the preface – but, it also notes, the sector’s key position as a value creator and growth engine in the Danish economy ‘did Read More…