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Market Sector: Partnership targets world’s most advanced maritime spatial database

The world’s most advanced maritime spatial database – that’s the target of a collaboration between The Baltic Exchange and GeoSpock, a Cambridge-based big data company.

The two sides announced their partnership in August, with Baltic Exchange CEO Mark Jackson saying: “As our market embraces digital technologies, the Baltic is in a unique position to facilitate the industry’s digital growth. To achieve this, it is imperative Read More…

The Mersey Cluster – A Round Table Debate

Merseyside is a vibrant maritime cluster which boasts a variety of port, freight and maritime services-related industries. But as SMI found out in its latest round table debate, harnessing the true potential of the region could be possible and could generate even more benefits for a region that has maritime at the heart of its heritage. Chaired by Sean Moloney, the panellists included Dr Dimitrios Paraskevadakis, Lecturer in Read More…

How I Work: Capt Lee Chee Seong

Achance decision to escape the grinding, institutional bias in Malaysia’s affirmative action policies in his native Malaysia where one’s ethnicity determines one’s fate; landed Lee Chee Seong in a place he never expected would ultimately change the course of his life and therein make it home by default.

As if it was serendipity calling him out in its own unique way, Lee described his move to Read More…

Malta Cluster: The last piece of the jigsaw

When you look at the Malta maritime cluster in general, it is clear it has come a long way in recent years.

As one of Europe’s main transhipment hubs, Malta Freeport is flourishing, having handled a record 3.31 million TEUs last year, the super yacht boom is boosting services across the whole sector, it has a well-respected maritime legal support system, and the registration of vessels under the Read More…

Notebook: Guidelines rewritten for ISM Code

Who does the ISM Code work for? It’s time to redress the balance in favour of seafarers, says Mark Rawson, who has led the expert group tasked with rewriting the International Chamber of Shipping’s ISM Guidelines.

“The point of the ISM Code when it entered into force in 1998 was to make it easier and safer for ships’ crews to carry out their work, day to day. Read More…