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Cover Story: ESW17 Round Table Debate

SMI invited representatives from shipping’s leading companies and associations during European Shipping Week to discuss how sustainable the industry can be with regulation knocking at the door. Debating this thorny issue were: Edgar Dominic Milla, Chief Operating Office, PTC; Dirk Fry, Director, Columbia Shipmanagement; Karoliina Rasi, Public Affairs and Communications Director, European Community Shipowners’ Associations; Norbert Aschmann, CEO, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement; Chris Shirling-Rooke, CEO, Mersey Maritime; Kuba Szymanski, Secretary-General, InterManager; Read More…

Regional Focus: Gibraltar Rocks

Europe’s number one bunkering port, a pivotal link between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, a favourite stopping-off point for superyachts and a tiny city port with a burgeoning  infrastructure base. Gibraltar has never been busier

A spectacular landmark for passing ships? A UK Royal Navy base? Or an outcrop of southern Spain? The British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar has been all three of these at one time Read More…

ECDIS & Navigation: Flying Lessons

Importing safety practices from aviation isn’t a panacea for the shipping industry, but there are opportunities to learn, argues Transas CEO Frank Coles

Civil aviation stirs mixed emotions among seagoing types. It is often held up as a shining beacon of what the shipping industry could achieve if only it saw – and followed – the light. Others argue that such comparisons are unfair, inappropriate or dismiss them Read More…

Transas Global Conference: Shipping Industry Must embrace the ‘perfect storm’

Shipping companies must be prepared to embrace the ‘perfect storm’ that will hit the industry over the next couple of years – Transas CEOFrank Coles told a packed room of over 400 delegates at its Transas Global Conference in Malta.

The two-day conference in March brought together high-level professionals from the maritime industry and beyond with an agenda that was designed to inspire change.

Mr Coles Read More…

Cyprus Special Report: Negotiating a strong future ahead

Cyprus is undergoing an interesting period in its economic history with several potential game changers poised to kick in if the right actions are taken. At the heart of it all is resolution of the Turkish crisis which involves a ban on Cypriot flagged ships visiting Turkish ports as well as the island’s emergence from its banking problems of 2013 and 2015 and the discovery of natural gas off its Read More…