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Regional Focus: A steady ship in the ‘richest poorest country’

Despite Greece being in the grip of economic uncertainty and facing mounting debts following three bailouts, the country’s maritime industry is still a steady ship it seems.

Well-known shipbroker Basil Mavroleon, Managing Director of  WeberSeas (Hellas), who hails from an eight-generation shipping family, says the shipping industry remains pretty much isolated from the economic woes which have seen huge unemployment and higher taxes for the working man.

“Greece is Read More…

First Person: Natasa Pilides

Cyprus’ new Deputy Minister for Shipping


The appointment of Natasa Pilides as the new Cyprus Deputy Minister for Shipping is significant for a number of reasons. Not least because it gives shipping on the island its own home ‘or temple’ as one shipping observer noted, from which to do its work – recognition you might say for the role it plays in the country’s economy –  but significant Read More…

How I Work: Sabrina Chao

It takes a level of confidence to stand up in front of the great and good of the Connecticut Maritime Association and accept the ribbing that comes with being awarded the honour of that year’s Commodore. But to then turn the tables and poke fun back, to great applause from the audience takes a large degree of poise and knowledge. Especially when you consider that Sabrina Chao is Read More…

Crew Welfare: Food for thought

A seafarer who eats healthily and eats well is more alert – which means a safer ship, and, in turn, less likelihood of accidents and insurance claims. 

It might be easy to dismiss all that as myth or assumption. But Christian Ioannou, Managing Director of Marine Catering Training Consultancy (MCTC), said: “We recently upgraded our courses in collaboration with Steamship Mutual (a Protection & Indemnity Club). They are very Read More…

Cover Story: Cyprus round table debate

Moderated by SMI Editorial Director Sean Moloney, the panellists included: Andreas Hadjipetrou, Managing Director of Columbia Ship Management; Nikolaos Kretsis, Fleet Director for Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement Cyprus; Capt Eugen Adami, owner of Mastermind Ship Management; Dieter Rohdenburg, CEO of Intership Navigation Co. Ltd; Thomas Kazakos, Director General of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber; Capt Eberhard Koch, Chairman and Partner of Osterreichischer Lloyd Shipping Group; Andreas Chrysostomou, Chief Strategic Officer for Read More…