Inmarsat and iOra join forces in Africa to deliver content to the network edge

Inmarsat, the provider of global mobile satellite communications services, and iOra, the supplier of data replication solutions, have joined forces to offer Inmarsat distribution partners and customers a new way of delivering content to the network edge, providing a tailored solution to meet the needs of customers in remote locations such as Africa. 

The combined Inmarsat and iOra BGAN Geo-Replicator offering enables organisations to more efficiently deliver content – whether it be email or bandwidth-hungry files transferred using SharePoint, or other applications – to branch offices, project sites and other remote users. With the BGAN Geo-Replicator, remote users have access to new applications and web portals that would otherwise only be available at the central or hub office.

The BGAN Geo-Replicator solution is targeted at organisations around the world operating in the construction, oil, gas, offshore, mining, NGO, maritime and defence sectors that require resilient and reliable real-time broadband connectivity allied to a cost effective means to deliver content across online platforms and web portals.

“Our clients can now further benefit from Inmarsat’s market-leading BGAN platform by combining it with the capabilities of iOra’s Geo-Replicator,” commented Alastair Bovim, Managing Director, Inmarsat Africa. “Its patented replication and compression technology greatly reduces the volume of content organisations have to send over a given connection and with its unique virtualisation technology, organisations can replicate websites, portals and SharePoint to users in places where communications are disconnected, unreliable and slow. For example, for military customers, enabling teams in the field to have access to information is vital. With Geo-Replicator mission-critical information can be easily delivered from HQ to operational and mobile command teams in the field.”

Nick Bradshaw, Director at Complexus, iOra’s reseller in Africa, said: “iOra Geo-Replicator complements Inmarsat’s BGAN platform perfectly. The combined solution is ideal for existing or new BGAN clients who have been grappling with the complexity of delivering content from HQ to their remote branch and project offices. The return on investment of this combined solution is compelling, and with the ease of use of both technologies, companies can quickly deploy it with minimal training and set-up overhead.”

BGAN is delivered over Inmarsat’s proven L-band network, guaranteeing that a connection can be maintained even during extreme weather conditions, making it ideally suited for typical office applications.

iOra’s technology is proven in a wide range of deployments for delivery of business and mission critical data in maritime, government and defence sectors.