Glander International Bunkering certified as a Great Place to Work

Marine fuel and lubricant trading firm Glander International Bunkering has been selected as one of the UAE’s best workplaces after an independent analysis was conducted by Great Place to Work Institute United Arab Emirates. This certification is based on direct feedback from employees, provided as part of an extensive and anonymous survey about the workplace experience.

Morten Langthjem, Managing Director of Glander International Bunkering in Dubai, said: “It is an honour to be recognised by such a prestigious firm for our accomplishments as a workplace. We believe our approach to hiring, retaining and developing our workforce is unique and this certification truly distinguishes us in our industry.”

Established in 2006, the Dubai office has quickly grown from an independent office of three employees into the headquarters of a multinational bunker trading firm with seven locations around the world. This success stems from a vision that prioritises employee satisfaction, fairness and respect.

Mr Langthjem said: “As an employer, we think it is important to contribute to our employee’s work-life balance, integrate their family, reward and appreciate them, provide training and development opportunities, and give them the autonomy to test their own ideas and communicate their thoughts.

“But it is not only the management but each and every employee that feels the responsibility to create the most positive and productive working environment. Our employees thrive here because they feel empowered to lead and change.”

In fact, Glander International Bunkering enjoys a 90% employee retention rate with 0.8% absent days. “This is quite unique in any workplace, but especially in our industry which tends to be fast-paced and staffed with expats,” Mr Langthjem added. “Every day, our employees as well as the management strive to create a place that adds value for employees, customers, shareholders and society.”

Morten Langthjem, Managing Director, Glander International Bunkering Dubai, receives the official certificate from CEO of Great Place to Work, Dr Michael Burchell.