European ship owners call upon European Parliament and Council to proceed swiftly and with ambition on European Maritime Single Window environment proposal

Members of the Transport Committee of the European Parliament yesterday (5th November) discussed the European Maritime Single Window environment proposal. European ship owners are pleased that many Members of the Transport Committee reacted positively to the proposal and the draft report of Ms Clune, the rapporteur.

ECSA , as well, has welcomed the legislative proposal and sees several points in Ms Clune’s report that will improve the text on the table. However, more ambition is needed in order to finally get a real single market for shipping.

Martin Dorsman, ECSA’s Secretary General, said: “We were pleased to hear that Members of the European Parliament have well understood the urgency to correct the current situation in the EU where reporting requirements differ from Member State to Member State, too often even from port to port within a Member State.”

He added: “It is high time to release company and crew from this administrative burden, as we stress in several joint statements with the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) in the context of our social dialogue committee. It moreover negatively impacts efficient shipping operations and puts shipping at a competitive disadvantage compared to other modes of transport. This impedes the potential to enhance the role of short sea shipping as a core intra-European transport solution.”

European ship owners have welcomed the European Commission’s proposal. They, however, stress the need to ensure that once a fully harmonised data set (the ‘what to report’) is established, this remains as stable and limited as possible. On the ‘how to report’, ECSA has stressed the need to anchor in the legal text the two main principles of reporting. These are harmonised human-to-system interface and a system-to-system interface. However, ECSA does not support the proposal that would force shipping companies to replace their existing system-to-system connections with a new set of harmonised but still separate connections. More ambition is needed as the only real step forward will be an EU level single reporting interface that will ‘route’ the data to the relevant national single windows.

ECSA urges both the European Parliament and Member States to prioritise this file and do their utmost to get this file adopted in the next months.