ECSA welcomes Brexit deal

European ship owners have welcomed the agreement reached on Brexit yesterday (Wednesday).

Martin Dorsman, Secretary-General of the European Community Shipowners’ Associatons (ECSA), said: “Our primary concern on the short term, the frictionless trade, seems to be taken care of. A no deal scenario was just not an option and a clear lose-lose situation for ship owners and clients at both sides.”

ECSA hopes political leaders in the UK and EU will now take the necessary steps to translate the political agreement into reality.

“We very much welcome the agreed transition period until the end of 2020, optionally extended. However, business needs a stable and clear framework to operate and plan investments. Hence, full clarity on what rules and procedures will be in place after the transition period is key. The earlier business knows what to prepare for, the better,” said Mr Dorsman.

ECSA will continue to follow the negotiations closely, as it has been doing for the past months, and stays engaged to work with EU and UK administrations on ship owners’ needs.”