d’Amico Group art residency at sea ‘The Owner’s Cabin’ hosts third artist

French-Italian artist Lulù Nuti  has docked in Rotterdam port after more than a month in residence onboard the Cielo d’Italia, a d’Amico Minicape size dry cargo vessel, bringing the third voyage of The Owner’s Cabin to a successful end.

The artist started her journey in Tubarao, Brazil, boarding the vessel with only a loose understanding of the amount of time she would be onboard, with no knowledge of her point of disembarkation and with all the materials, she would be able to employ during her residency.

Her time onboard has resulted in the realisation of a multifaceted project, which includes works in photography, sculpture and video, titled At The Border of Humanity. Staying faithful to her strong belief that all materials embody inherent energies that, when harnessed, provide access to a more direct and infinite understanding of the universe, Ms Nuti used her materials as facilitators of interaction, chance encounters and collaboration with the environment around her during journey. In this way, the resulting works serve as physical markers, recordings and tracings of her time onboard as she moved through space across the globe.

Ms Nuti said of her experience: “It is impossible to ‘say’ what happens when you climb on a vessel like the Cielo d’Italia. It turns out that metal can have a soul and a character, which is ridden by the Captain and his seafarers. During this month, I felt like I was seeing the sea for the first time. I found that although wind is invisible, it is matter, and I tried to make its strength tangible in plaster sculptures. It is said that cinema is life without boring moments, one could say the same about life on board: on the ship, time expands and a month is rich as years. About nature, I could continue to write infinitely despite the limited time spent on board. Then, there is the transported cargo and the market becomes an experience: we transported iron ore. I will never look at a piece of metal without thinking of sailors with swollen lungs full of salt, the engineers who are the heart of the ship, the officers who transcribe the route every day as a solemn mass, the stopovers in ports waiting for bunker and the inability to be sure of where and when we will reach the end of the voyage. Behind the consumer society and its inanimate (or disposable) objects that seem so obvious to us ‘terrians’ there is all this living world, full of laughter, of tears, of chants and deep mysticism”.

“We are very proud to have reached the third edition of the The Owner’s Cabin, an artist residency that takes place onboard our vessels,” said Paolo d’Amico, Chairman of d’Amico Group.

“Thanks to the mutual commitment, the artists who have succeeded over the years have interpreted and conveyed the extraordinary discoveries that lie behind the navigation, the time, the voyage, contributing to spreading art and maritime culture within the worldwide shipping hubs. We especially thank the crews of our ships who, at every edition of the residence, have welcomed the artists with great enthusiasm and curiosity, enabling them to work onboard safely.”

Following her disembarkation, Ms Nuti will finalise the artworks in her studio, one of which will be generously donated to the d’Amico Collection, alongside those realised by the Residency;s previous two participating artists Benedetto Pietromarchi and Cynthia Daignault.

The Owner’s Cabin is a project created and sponsored by d’Amico Group with the objective of hosting artists on board its vessels for 14 to 60 days each. Through the project, the artists are encouraged to consider and reflect on themes and ideas surrounding international trade, local/ global interaction, travel, culture, time and space, so that once they disembark their work can bring consideration and continued discussion of these notions to a broader public. The objective of The Owner’s Cabin is to provide artists with access to an extraordinary and rarely seen environment, allowing them the opportunity to engage, and actively participate, with an inimitable and hopefully inspirational experience. By placing artists at the intersection of industry and art, commerce and creativity, isolation and global interaction the hope is that they will be able to access a place of expanded thought and artistic possibilities.