ClassNK unveils longitudinal strength assessments software PrimeShip-HULL(Rules)/PartC15 in response to latest rule amendments

Classification society ClassNK has released a new longitudinal strength assessments software, PrimeShip-HULL(Rules)/PartC15, as part of its prescriptive calculation suite PrimeShip-HULL(Rules).

For ensuring further safety and streamlining structural design of ships, ClassNK issued amendments for Chapter 15, Part C of its Rules for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships relevant to the longitudinal strength in June 2017. The amendments included clearer standard for transverse members at the buckling strength assessments.

PrimeShip-HULL(Rules)/PartC15 has been released corresponding to the latest rule amendments. It enables designers to perform not only the hull girder bending strength assessments, the hull girder shearing strength assessments and the hull girder buckling strength assessments based upon elastic buckling quickly, but also the hull girder buckling strength assessments based upon ultimate strength for transverse members and the ultimate strength assessments of cross sections now required by the amended rules.

In addition to the longitudinal strength assessment, PrimeShip-HULL(Rules)/PartC15 assists improvements of the efficiency and quality of ship design by its function to model cross sections for any ship types applicable to Part C of ClassNK rules and output the calculation result reports as Microsoft Word or Excel files.