ClassNK certifies chemical tanker for EU MRV Monitoring Plan

Classification society ClassNK has issued approval certification to Iino Marine Service Co Ltd. on successful assessment of an EU MRV Monitoring Plan for its chemical tanker CHEMROAD WING as an EU MRV verifier on 28th July. The issuance of this approval certification is a first for ClassNK.

EU MRV is an EU regulation on the monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from vessels. This regulation lays down rules for developing Monitoring Plans to the verifiers accredited by a national accreditation body in the EU by 31st August 2017 for ships above 5,000gt which arrive at or depart from ports under the jurisdiction of an EU member state. EU MRV also outlines requirements for collecting data and submitting Emission Reports from 1st January 2018 (Monitoring Process).

ClassNK acquired approval from UK-based national accreditation body UKAS in March 2017 as EU MRV verifier. ClassNK issued approval certification to Iino Marine Service Co Ltd for their vessel CHEMROAD WING for fulfilling the necessary criteria stipulated in EU MRV regulations. The Monitoring Plan submitted states data collection methods for fuel consumption, distance travelled, time spent at sea, amount of cargo carried, as well as methods to be used to treat data gaps.