BMT announces management buy-out of Dutch subsidiary

BMT Group (BMT) has announced that the Dutch subsidiary of BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics will now operate independently as Aktis Hydraulics BV, following a successful management buy-out.  The team at Aktis will continue to work closely with BMT providing a number of specialised services.

David Hurdle, Managing Director of Aktis Hydraulics BV said: “Operating as an independent company is a very exciting opportunity for us and gives us the flexibility that we need as a niche player, while maintaining good relations with BMT. The new company is owned by the technical experts working for it. We will continue to deliver expertise to our clients in the areas of: local winds, coastal wave conditions, ship response, channel depth, mooring design and the interaction of pipelines and other structures with the seabed. We are also looking forward to continued innovation and product development. In summary, our passion for our profession and delivering high quality services to our clients remains unchanged.”

Dr Phil Thompson, Managing Director of BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics, said: “The synergies between BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics and Aktis Hydraulics BV remain strong and we will continue to work together, leveraging the niche skills from both companies to support maritime engineering projects. BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics will continue to develop its services and products in the commercial shipping, floating O&G, ports and legal sector. This includes its world-renowned REMBRANDT navigation simulator and SARIS search and rescue system, both of which are well respected and extensively adopted across the industry.”