ASA welcomes HKC-compliant recycling yard in South-East Asia

The classification society ClassNK has completed the document review for a Ship Recycling Facility Plan (SRFP) submitted by Tsuneishi Ship Recycling (Negros) Inc. (TSRNI), verifying that the facility complies with the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, 2009 (HKC). This marks the first application by a recycling facility in South-East Asia submitted to ClassNK for verification, as well as the first facility designed to comply with the HKC standard from its planning stage.

TSRNI is planned for construction in Negros Occidental, the Philippines, and will be operated under the umbrella of Tsuneishi Group. In preparation for the completion of the facility, TSRNI developed the SRFP required to obtain certification by competent authority according to the HKC in the future. ClassNK reviewed the SRFP to confirm that the document met with the HKC requirements. As the final part of the verification process, ClassNK will conduct the on-site inspection, including checks on facilities and actual recycling practices, when ship recycling work commences at TSRNI to confirm its processes conform to the SRFP.

ClassNK’s Junichi Hirata, Project Manager of the ship recycling team, said: “The maritime industry needs appropriate capacity for safe and environmentally sound ship recycling. We are delighted that TSRNI has chosen ClassNK to verify the facility and it practices. As the first South-East Asia initiative to carry out ship recycling in line with HKC, it represents a major step forward in our mission to promote and facilitate safe and environmentally-friendly ship recycling across the world.

“Utilising experience and knowledge gained from our verification of facilities in Japan, China, India, and Turkey, we will proceed to verification process at TSRNI’s site with the same level of care and attention to detail to help promote safer and greener ship recycling throughout the world.”

The Asian Shipowners’ Association (ASA) said it welcomed the ship recycling yard in South-East Asia where the seaborne trade has been growing and the traffic of ships continues to increase. Additionally, ASA appreciates that great efforts have been made to complete the Ship Recycling Facility Plan (SRFP) from the planning stage to construct the yard in order to ensure a successful operation in accordance with the international convention as well as facilitating hardware.

Demand for ship recycling is expected to continue strongly due to the current recovery from excess of tonnage compared to the pace of cargo volume growth globally, as well as tighter environmental regulations over ballast water management and SOx emissions control. The ASA said: “In order to ensure the safe and environmentally sound ship recycling globally, we have to focus on developing adequate ship recycling capacity in compliance with the HKC that is the single international standard adopted in the international maritime arena. It is indispensable to secure sufficient capacity of HKC-compliant recycling yards to continue strong demand for ship recycling that is both environment-friendly and safe, even though there are some yards which have been certified in India, China and Turkey and the activities launched for improvement of recycling yards in Bangladesh.

“When the TSRNI is completed, shipowners will have more choices in the destination of end-of-life ships. If the last port of call is not so far away from Philippines, it becomes a favourable choice, not only for the geographical advantage but also causing less environmentally negative effect. This will be a success case in which activities to improve ship recycling yards to comply with HKC can be transplanted from existing major recycling countries where HKC-compliant yards are in operation to other countries.

“ASA strongly recommends the members to send ships to the HKC-compliant yards or yards in process of being certified. We are looking forward to seeing the TSRNI become certified at an early date and be one more additional option.”