A&P Group endorses UK national shipbuilding strategy

David McGinley, Group Managing Director of A&P Group – the largest ship repair and conversion company in the UK – has commented on the national shipbuilding strategy intended to benefit UK shipyards, which was announced yesterday (Wednesday).

“A&P Group wholeheartedly endorses Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon’s National Shipbuilding Strategy and the Government’s decision to buy five British built type 31e frigates to support the Royal Navy Fleet,” he said.

“The Shipbuilding Strategy reinforces Sir John Parker’s 2016 review of the UK market place which recognised the capability, scale and engineering strength of UK commercial shipyards and the value they deliver to the Royal Navy.

“As the UK’s largest provider of ship repair, conversion and marine services, A&P Group operates world class engineering facilities and has demonstrated its extensive engineering expertise on the Astute Submarine Class and the prestigious HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales air craft carriers. The success of the Air Craft Carrier Alliance was a reflection of the commercial sector’s skills, resources, experience and value and we look forward to collaborating with the MoD on the National Shipbuilding Strategy.

“A&P Group supports the Government’s commitment to procuring five frigates for the Royal Navy and its plans to export vessels to other navies. This will help to secure the UK’s commercial shipbuilding sector and allow innovation, skills and training to flourish. It will also underpin shipbuilding in the UK.”