American Hellenic Hull sponsors Greek Shipping Hall of Fame 2017

Pictured, letf to right, are Ilias Tsakiris Vincent Solarino Marios Demetriades Dorothea Ioannou

American Hellenic Hull this week sponsored one of the most prestigious events in the shipping calendar to celebrate Greek shipping heritage.

At its annual Induction Ceremony & Dinner for 600 guests, the Greek Shipping Hall of Fame announced that George L Daniolos (1903-1994) and Nicolaos D Lykiardopulo (1866-1963) have been elected as its two latest inductees.

In his Hall of Fame keynote speech, American Hellenic Hull CEO Ilias Tsakiris urged the Greek shipping community to invest in new talent in order to ensure a strong future for the industry.

HeHeHe highlighted the need to invest more time, effort and resources in developing young talent for the industry.

He stated: “If we are to honour those remarkable individuals who have made their mark on Greek and world shipping, we have to immediately address the challenge of recruiting the right talent. We must train them under the same principles and values and in that way keep alive the spirit of the great Greek ship owners and seafarers. Only if we invest in the next generation can we ensure that Greek shipping will continue to evolve and remain a global leader.”

Greek Shipping Hall of Fame began its life in 2007 as an idea, and today it includes 26 personalities who have made their mark on Greek and world shipping.

American Hellenic Hull has also hosted its first market presentation in Limassol, Cyprus. The Cypriot market was fully briefed on the company’s first eight months of growth as well as the emerging potential of Cyprus as a global marine insurance hub. The presentation was attended by Cypriot officials, ship owners, maritime sector executives, fellow members of the Association of Insurance Companies, and brokers from the UK, Germany, Cyprus and Greece as well as representatives of the media.

Speakers were Marios Demetriades, Minister of Transport, Communications and Works of Cyprus, Vince Solarino, Chairman of the American Hellenic Hull Insurance Company and President of the managers of the American P&I Club, and American Hellenic Hull’s CEO Mr. Ilias Tsakiris.

In his welcome speech, Mr Demetriades highlighted American Hellenic Hull’s fast-expanding global presence as an important example of the growth opportunities available to the Cypriot shipping cluster.

Mr Solarino briefed the audience on the 100-year history of the American Club. He also explained the reasons for the company’s move to invest in Cyprus.

Mr Tsakiris reported on progress in its first eight months of operations. The audience was told that the company has already insured 1,524 vessels from 10 countries spread across three different continents, and is working with about 100 brokers. Mr Tsakiris said that American Hellenic Hull is currently in the process of obtaining a rating from an international rating agency. He also explained the importance and benefits of positioning Cyprus globally as a shipping centre, an effort to which American Hellenic Hull is contributing. To close the event, guests enjoyed a pleasant cocktail reception that provided an opportunity for further networking and receiving feedback from attendees, who were overwhelmingly positive in their response to the company’s presentation.