ABS shapes new norm through digital and data leadership

Christopher J Wiernicki, Chairman, President and CEO of ABS, reinstated the World Maritime University’s Kinney Lecture Series yesterday (Tuesday) by outlining how the marine and offshore industries are evolving rapidly into new operating models and how this ‘new norm’ is shaped by unprecedented and disruptive changes in technology, skill sets and leadership.

“Digital is our new norm and is here to stay. It is characterised by rapid and disruptive change driven by technology and requiring new mindsets, new skill sets, new regulatory and classification relationships and leadership roles to ensure we continue to maximise safety and minimise environmental impacts,” said Mr Wiernicki.

“It’s clear that a digital transformation is only successful when it is holistic, not segmented,” Mr Wiernicki added.

“As a digital organisation, ABS leads classification into the future by leveraging data and digital technology as it transforms its core services and drives new and innovative solutions for its marine, offshore and government clients.”

In his remarks, Mr Wiernicki outlined key industry megatrends and impacts to the marine and offshore industries specifically. He described the new norm as an industry transformation focused on improving productivity, efficiency and optimisation; embracing digitisation and connectivity; recognising shifts in talent requirements and development; leveraging data; and requiring a convergent mindset that values technical viability as well as economic feasibility and societal sustainability.